The World Didn’t Move

by | May 12, 2014 | Poem, Worldliness

How far Lord shall we be removed from the world, so it can do us no harm?
How far child, did my Son, who hung on the cross, stretch out His two loving arms?
I put the world on the left, the church on the right, each tried to change the other;
The world never moved, yet they stand as one, you let My church get smothered.

I set you aside to be separate, not to be one with the world as it turned;
I gave you guardianship over the church, but you let the church come undone.
Forgive us Father for letting the world come in, now the church is over-shadowed;
Get ready children, take up your swords, it’s time to start the battle.

The horn will blast, the march will begin, Jesus Christ shall take the lead;
The army of God will put on their armor, to erase doubt, suspicion and greed.
The children of God are ready, we await the sound of the alarm;
Christ paid for all of this with His blood……….and by the stretch of His two loving arms.


Pat Finn


The World Didn’t Move