The Way We Look

by | May 12, 2014 | Great Commission, Witnessing

Have you ever seen the famous painting of the Mona Lisa? If you have not had the privilege of viewing the original painting, perhaps you have seen a photograph or print. Can you recall what the frame looked like? Probably not. If that frame had flashing Christmas lights on it you might remember. Why? Because it would draw attention to itself. You see the job of a good frame is not to draw attention to itself, but rather to complement or highlight the picture. In much the same way, you and I ought to be like that frame. If people are seeing too much of us and not enough of Jesus (through us), then we are failing our purpose.

The world around us is hurting and lost. People are desperately looking for the real deal. Who is going to give that to them if not the followers of Christ?

D’Acchioli, Vince. Wired to Work! Huntington House Publishers: Lafayette, 2001, p. 93-94.


The Way We Look