No Right to Complain

by | May 12, 2014 | Blessing, Complaining, Poem

I was complaining and griping this morning,
because I couldn’t fix my hair;
On the way to work, I saw a little girl on Chemo,
who’s scalp was totally bare.

Raised a raucous when I went to my closet,
everything there I had already worn;
Sitting at the stop light I saw a bag lady,
whose clothes were dirty and torn.  

I Had No Right To Complain  

Sitting in my office fussing that it was too hot,
complaining about this and that;
Outside in the freezing cold walked a poor old man,
with no coat or no hat.
Went to lunch, but I wasn’t too hungry,
so I threw most of it away;
Looking in the window was a poor ole soul,
who looked like he hadn’t eaten in days.  

I Had No Right To Complain  

Complain, complain, that’s all we do,
when we really have it so good;
But if not for the grace of our sweet Saviour,
I could be standing where they stood.

Lord forgive me for all my complaining,
without You, where would I be;
Thank You for Your Son, Jesus Christ,
who never complained about me.    Amen

Pat Finn


No Right to Complain