Like a Hand in a Glove

by | May 12, 2014 | God's Plans, Guidance

Psalm 16:8 says, ” I have set the Lord always before me.” What does this mean? To set the Lord always before you means to allow Him to be the driving force in your life. In my seminars I often bring this point home with the use of a baseball mitt. There are several different types of mitts available. Serious baseball players would probably choose their gloves according to the position they were going to play. An outfielder or pitcher’s glove would be needed to snag those long fly balls. A first basemen’s glove would need to be able to scoop the ball out of the dirt when it comes to first base. A catcher’s mitt must be equipped with a little extra padding in order to take the heat.

As is the case with each individual glove, you and I have also been designed for a unique purpose. It is important to understand that a baseball glove is nothing more than a useless piece of leather without a hand to guide it. A person’s hand enables that glove to work for a particular purpose-its intended purpose. In much the same way, we are nothing more than a physical body unless the Lord is working in and through us. As our Creator, He is the only one who understands how we work, and therefore He is the only one who is able to direct us toward the fulfillment of our intended purpose.

Perhaps this has happened to you. You are playing catch-warming up before the game. You take off your glove to adjust your cap or uniform and someone throws the ball at you, unaware that you do not have your glove on. There is no time to prepare. So what do you do? You take the glove and throw it at the ball-hoping to knock it down so you won’t have to chase it. Some of us are trying to navigate through life in much the same way. If God’s hand is not in our glove (life), we will spend the rest of our lives chasing obstacles.

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Like a Hand in a Glove