Thanks for Listening!

by | May 11, 2014 | Listening

I have learned to expect gifts from God in the form of people.

People who I meet for a few seconds, a few hours or even for a lifetime.

My wife and I took a short train ride on an old historic train. It was part of her birthday plans. The one hour included lunch and for me high expectations.

I expected to meet someone new who would be seated at our table. They wouldn’t know it but God was sending them to me. He always sends me many gifts and at least one person.

This would be my gift for today.

Sure enough, we weren’t seated two minutes, when I heard, “Would you mind if I joined you?”

I replied, ” I was expecting you!”

He was in his early sixties and handicapped from a stroke.

He politely introduced himself and for the next 45 minutes…never stopped talking and loudly.

If there was a pause in the conversation it was because a guide with the train offered a little background on the history of the train.

Otherwise, this gentleman spoke to us about himself.

Some things he had to say were very interesting but most was a rant about his experience as a lawyer, types of law and his knowledge of maps.

He never asked either one of us what we did.

So, if I do believe God sent him, what was the message here?

He needed to talk and I needed to be reminded how important it was to listen to people if only for a few seconds, a few hours, or for a lifetime.

He apparently never learned that lesson.

I did worry about him the rest of the day.

I worried that most people would not give him the opportunity.

A few people on the train made derogatory comments to me because they felt sorry that we had to listen to him.

Perhaps I was sent to him. Maybe he was praying to God to meet someone who would listen. It does work both ways.

It is a fact, God gave us two ears and one mouth, because we need to listen twice as much as we speak.

Thanks for listening!

Bob Perks


Thanks for Listening!