Closer to God

by | May 11, 2014 | Experiencing God, Relationship

Today in church, my thoughts wandered back for a few minutes.

Suddenly I was remembering the day I was alone in my kitchen, writing to my daughters.

It was the Labour Day weekend in 1987 and I was feeling very sad and alone . My marriage was in a very bad state and there was no hope in me.

I was in mid sentence and realized I was no longer alone in the room.

God was with me and He was filling me with this great thirst.

It is not as if I felt I needed to know God better up to that point in my life.

I knew Him and had no idea that our relationship was nowhere near close enough.

Apparently God knew I would be really needing him soon and he visited me for a purpose!

That day, He was telling me to know him better.

I am glad I set off to quench this huge thirst because my marriage did end and I truly needed to have God in my corner

THEN two years later, in 1989 my only son was killed in an auto accident, and I never needed God more than in those ensuing months and years.

The day after Jason’s death, I received a blessing. In this blessing God promised to give me comfort and strength every single time I called on him.

Well, I called on him a lot in the first months and every single time God took away my pain and distress.

It was as though my Heavenly Father placed me in a cocoon of love where I could feel a calmness and a great quiet.

There are not words enough to describe my awe and my gratitude. I was so relieved that God was there to shore me up.

Our relationship with our Lord, God, our Heavenly Father needs to be close and strong.

Because when things go wrong there is not a soul in the world better to be with you and bring you through!

I never thought OF God being in the paving business, until He started helping me with all the POT-HOLES in my life!

Ellie Braun-Haley


Closer to God