10,000 Angels

by | May 11, 2014 | Angels, Poem, Worship

There were ten thousand angels all around the cross;
They were there to protect Him no matter what the cost.
They prayed to the Father….please set our Savior free;
God said: hush now my children, for it’s not meant to be.

There were ten thousand angels on Calvary’s Hill that day;
They hovered all around Him, and kept the world at bay.
They cared not for His human body, it was His soul that kept them there;
They watched on in helplessness, for it was His cross to bare.

These ten thousand angels were there at His’ birth;
They followed their precious Jesus all the way to Earth.
They vowed never to leave Him, they would always be standing by;
To swoop in and rescue Him, if He ever gave the cry.

They pledged their allegiance to Him, they would stay until the end;
These same ten thousand angels who were there when His life began.
They were always around Him Christ was never alone;
Ten thousand angels stayed to escort their Master home.

Pat Finn


10,000 Angels