It’s Jesus’ Birthday

by | May 15, 2013 | Christmas, Poem

Oh how sad I am this day
Wherever I go I hear Happy Holidays
It is not  just a Holiday It is Jesus Christ Birthday  

Why do you celebrate I ask
If it is not Christmas that we buy
For all the ones that we love so dear
The merchants are so happy we are here It is Jesus Christ Birthday  

Christ came into this world To give us salvation
Oh how I praise Him for that wonderful gift
What have we done for Him but to shift
From saying Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays

Don’t you know that makes Him sad It is Jesus Christ Birthday  

Could I please say to all Christians
Please do not forget why we show so much love
We give, we go, we play, and we pray
Then we do not share with our family  and friends

The most important part of all It is Jesus Christ Birthday  
Please say to all you meet MERRY CHRISTMAS I just did  

Sarah Berthelson


It’s Jesus’ Birthday