Head Home, Now!

by | May 15, 2013 | Direction, Guidance, Obedience

Tonight as I write to you , I tell you, I am grateful to our Heavenly Father for his protection.

I was in Calgary visiting with mother and the snow had started coming down with a vengence. And even as I drove to be with mom, my head was saying, “head for home now!” Not wanting to disappoint mother, I kept driving toward the Nursing home, ignoring the good advice. I sat with mom briefly at lunch, visiting and yet feeling very antsy about the change in the weather. Finally I decided if I wanted to get home I should leave.

It took me over three and a half hours to make what should have been an hour and a half trip.

As I neared Crossfield, I began thinking of my brother Don. By now I’d been on the highways long enough to know it was going to be a slow and tense drive home. “Turn off the exit for Crossfield and sleep at Don’s house,” was the well advised voice in my head. “No I want to get home,” I kept on thinking.

Then a hair raising event unfolded.

Just south of the Crossfield exit, a camper traveling south lost control and ended up careening across the meridian and was aimed straight at my vehicle (which of course was traveling north). I couldn’t believe my eyes, as it looked as though the vehicle was riding a wild bull. It was reacting to the slope of the banks.

If I tried to apply the gas to get out of the way I could have gone into a skid. There was no place to go and nothing I could do. I could only watch mesmerized and HOPE my vehicle could get out of his way before impact. As his vehicle flew past mine (slightly behind), hunks of ice and mud from his vehicle slammed into mine.

Through my rear view I could see the next two vehicles behind me were also missed by this poor out of control driver! I have no idea what happened next as the visibility with the driving snow, was poor. I saw no crash!

For at least three minutes I was in a state of shock and just kept saying out loud, “oh my gosh!,” and this over and over again. I finally recovered enough to seriously thank God for his angels.

I suddenly felt so grateful to be alive and yet sick over what may have happened to the out of control vehicle. I added a prayer for the others who may have needed it.

Apparently it was not a good thing to be on the highway and when I turned on the radio it was to hear a weather warning and the advice from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, advising travellers to stay off the highway!!

So glad to be home!! I really need to listen to those voices of mine! SMILE

Ellie Braun-Haley ellie@evrcanada.com


Head Home, Now!