Dry and Brittle Branches

by | May 15, 2013 | Provision, Strength, Trials

John 15:5 I am the vine, you are the branches

With the drought situation in the Atlanta area this year, the trees and shrubs in our yard have taken quite a beating. As I was strolling in our yard with my grandson yesterday, we investigated a part of the yard I usually avoid. Many dogwood trees had seeming dead and useless branches- dry, brittle looking and void of leaves. As I pulled one down to snap it off, I had a surprise. It wasn’t quite as dead as I had thought. I pulled and twisted, but right where the branch met the trunk of the tree, there was life. I was unable to snap the branch as I had intended, and now I would have to get a saw to finish the job.

Sometime our lives seem so dry and brittle, don;t you think? Sometimes I feel parched for strength, peace, and understanding, and I feel so brittle I could just snap and break! But Jesus is the Living Water and if we stay connected to Him we will receive spiritual living water and not wither up. Sometimes, when the valley we are in is very deep and we are not even able to pray, our friends may be the ones who hold us up in prayer to God. Sometimes Christian music will be the source of nourishment, maybe we can just call out the name- “Jesus”- and sometimes God just drops a happy surprise right in our laps to give us a great big laugh! (Laughter truly is such a wonderful thing!)

We may not be as spiritually dead as we think, you know. From all appearances, the dogwood branch (someone feeling lost) was a goner. But! No—there was life left in it… right close to the trunk (Jesus). If you are feeling dry and brittle- ready to snap-remember, God loves you and will see you through your difficult time. Ask Him. O.K.?

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Dry and Brittle Branches