True Riches

by | May 14, 2013 | Priorities, Treasure

I have an acquaintance who won big on the slot machines in Las Vegas. I wouldn’t mind having money spill out of a machine into my pockets, but that’s not likely to happen since I don’t gamble. However, I am rich because I possess a treasure greater than money. It provides great joy, it shows me the way to heaven, and it helps me manoeuvre the journey here on earth. It’s free and available to anyone. It’s a love letter written from the heart of the all-powerful creator of the world. It’s the Bible.

If God suddenly appeared before us and wanted to chat, wouldn’t we drop everything and pay close attention to what He had to say? Yet, we have a written message from Him and many of us ignore it. We would get excited about meeting the president, famous athletes, or movie stars. Why don’t we show the same enthusiasm and awe when we encounter the highest power in the universe through His written word?

Is your Bible hidden away on a shelf? Do you even own one? In some countries, it’s illegal to read the Bible. In others, Bibles are so expensive that only the wealthy can afford them. I have five Bibles in my house, but most families around the globe have none; and they’d be grateful for an opportunity just to borrow one periodically.

Do you appreciate the treasure that’s sitting on your coffee table collecting dust? Do you take advantage of our freedom to study the wisdom contained in this book?

I don’t need to gamble in Vegas for riches. The greatest treasure in this world is available to me wherever I am. It may be as close as my corner bookshelf.

“I rejoice at Your Word as one who finds great treasure.”

Marsha Jordan


True Riches