The Front Lines

by | May 14, 2013 | Poem, Protection, Veteran's Day

God protect the brave ones, who fight for our rights;
So we can sleep peacefully, as we lay down at night.
Bless their families, that they had to leave behind;
As they watch out for all of us, while guarding the front lines.

Some are in places so hot, that they can hardly breathe;
Yet they have to be in full gear, and wearing long sleeves.
While they eat their food cold, out of a tin can;
Praying…………….Father protect us, in this foreign land.

While other troops are freezing, out in the cold;
As we live in comfort, with loved ones to hold.
But they hold their positions, for they are the chosen;
As their lips turn blue, and their fingers are frozen.

We beg You, dear Father, to please keep them safe from all harm;
Bring them back to their families, and their loving arms.
We need to thank them and pray for them, time-after-time;
For protecting our freedoms, while guarding the front lines.

Pat Finn


The Front Lines