New Jerusalem

by | May 14, 2013 | Death, Eternity, Heaven, Miracles

‘I was there’– she said…

The telephone rings. An aged soft voice asks: “Is that the municipality sir?”

I: No, this is a business

She laughs at herself while saying: ”Oh my, I am 80 years of age. I have moved from my house to a home for the aged. I am trying to locate the municipality to get my electricity deposit back. I will have another look in the telephone directory. I am so sorry that I have troubled you sir.

I: “No, please, not at all. It is a great joy for me to spend a little while in the shadow of such an old tree.”

She: “I had to sell my house as I could no longer care for myself. I now life in a home for the aged. My electricity account is all mix-ed up, but I trust the new owner will be able to sort it all out. I believe I could get my deposit back. It is little, but I would be so glad if I could get it back.

I: “You are 80 years old, yet you are still able to think and reason clearly.”

She: “Oh sir, I thank only my Redeemer for that. I have been suffering from diabetes and osteoporosis for many years. I cannot walk without a walking aid, but somehow I still cling on to this life.

I: “No, we should not cling onto this life. We are on our way to the New Jerusalem.”

She: “I was there sir!

I was bewildered for a moment. What could she have meant? Did she try to indicate that at some time of her life she had been to Israel – like I have been during the Yom Kippur War? Or did she misunderstand me?

And then she continued: “It is very, very beautiful there sir. I lack the terminology to explain the beauty of the New Jerusalem.

“There is a wonderful light beyond description. An Angel beckoned me to come closer. There were many, many children singing. They sang beautiful.

“The music was like that of Beethoven, soft and soothing. There is great peace and enormous love.

“Pardon me sir, I do not have the words to describe it all to you… the beauty and the wonder of it all.

I: “When were your there?”

She: “I went into a coma and then I went over. The doctors used machines medical equipment to bring me back. I did not want to return. I was disappointed when I realised I was back in my bed. I wanted to rather remain in the New Jerusalem…”

Indeed, it was a great joy to spent some time in the shadow of this wonderful old tree… What an inspiring and refreshing time after a tough day at the office…

— Sjibbolet James


New Jerusalem