by | May 14, 2013 | Light

A quick trip to see some friends out of state. My husband was driving, on our way out to dinner. It was pitch dark, and we weren’t quite sure where we were. We both watched for identifying landmarks to guide us back.

I never saw the big warehouse that night, but next day I did. In the daylight, so easily visible, it was plain to see. Funny, because it was huge. We wondered how we could have missed it!

That got me thinking about when we are “in the light”, and we see things we never saw ‘in the dark’. How many times have I asked myself the question in regards to something in the past, “How was it I didn’t know that? How come I didn’t realize??”

The answer is always the same. I couldn’t see it. Enlightenment is just that; receiving understanding IN the light. Jesus truly is the Light of the world. As we live and walk in the light of the Lord, the Holy Spirit continually bathes us in revelation.

I am wondering, “What am I not seeing today?” Prayer: Lord, please come and shine your Light on anything that is shadowed, or in darkness, in my life. Let me see clearly, through the eyes of Jesus. Amen.

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