I Lost a Soul

by | May 14, 2013 | God's Love, Poem, Witnessing

You say you lost a ring it was made of gold,
That’s nothing……………I lost a soul.
I had a chance to tell them what God had to say;
I got too busy and time just slipped away.

I knew they needed someone to openly testify,
Telling them why Jesus came, for our sins he died;
When I get to heaven and face God someday,
I’ll have to tell him why I let a soul slip away.

If you see someone that is in need of the word,
Take the time to tell them all that you have heard;
Please brothers and sisters, don’t let a soul slip away
For we will all answer to God, on that final judgement day.

Now it’s too late for him…..this person has died
And I didn’t do anything, I was too busy to testify;
Be a light children, let God’s story unfold;
Don’t be so busy in your life, that you too lose a soul.

Pat Finn finn@mebtel.net


I Lost a Soul