Hugs for a Stranger

by | May 14, 2013 | Comfort

Our deeds and words, both good and bad constantly ripple out affecting others in ways we may never see. Although one Canadian woman had the opportunity to see exactly what her actions caused.

At a bus stop in Toronto, Paula observed a woman who appeared distraught and was soon crying. Not accustomed to walking up to strangers and injecting herself into their affairs, Paula was caught off balance by her own thoughts. “That woman needs a hug!”,

“Something in me just pushed at me”, says Paula, “and so I walked up to her and said, you look like you need a hug.”

Gratefully, the stranger accepted the offer.

The two ladies ended up sitting together and through the conversation Paula asked what was happening in the stranger’s life that was tearing at her so.

The woman spoke of the rough times she was experiencing, mentioning her heartache regarding her children. Her son was not only on drugs but was molesting his younger sister.

Paula comforted and offered advice. One of the things she said was, “I take a paper and place a line down the centre. I put on one side all the things that are troubling me and on the other I place all the things I am grateful for. Often I find there are things I can soon move over to the positive side.”

When the two ladies parted, Paula thought she would never see the stranger again. But life moves in strange ways. Paula was out with a friend and happened to spot the stranger in a crowd. She rushed over to say hello and when she did she was astounded by what she discovered.

The stranger was overjoyed to see Paula and was soon explaining her joy.”That day when you saw me I had intended on going home and killing my son, my daughter and myself. Your hug changed my perspective Paula. I felt hope. I went home and I reported my son to the authorities. He was taken away where he could get help. I just want you to know that because you hugged me, I didn’t kill myself, my son or my daughter. With that first single move of getting help for my son, my life began turning around. Today my son is better and is soon to be married. Thank you so very much Paula!”

With that, two sets of eyes filled with moisture and another hug was called for!

As told to Ellie Braun-Haley
By Paula


Hugs for a Stranger