The Air Was Gone

by | May 17, 2012 | Great Commission, Poem, Witnessing

I just have to tell you about this dream I had on Friday night (July 25). It was a dream, but oh, what a dream it was; for I dreamed Jesus came back. The clouds were thick and beautiful. Suddenly they just rolled away and there He was with angels all around and they were holding hands with Christ in the middle. His feet did not touch ground, as it was not time, but He came down very low. Friends, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced. The colors were like none anyone had ever seen before and the peace and tranquility were indescribable. I know, for whatever reason, God let me glimpse a taste of what Heaven will be like.

In the next instant all were caught up as I stood watching. To those left behind it was like an empty vacuum with all the air sucked out. I could feel what they felt, a heavy lost feeling, one that weighed me down. What a sad, lonely and totally lost feeling it was.

In both instances, it was like I was standing back watching all this take place.

My Sunday school teacher, Sarah Doss, said maybe God was showing me how the ones left behind would feel, especially the ones who are on the fence about accepting Jesus. I had never thought about how they would feel. Oh, I felt sorry for them and prayed that people would change and accept Jesus Christ, but their feelings never crossed my mind. Think how they would feel when they realized that Christ had come back and called home His’ church. Then, like a ton-of-bricks, it would hit them that they were wrong.

Just think what an empty, lost feeling that would have to be. That is why, as a Christian, I can not understand why people do not believe that Christ is the son of God and He is coming back. After experiencing that empty vacuum, if I wasn’t saved I would drop down on my knees right then and there. I had just a small taste of the euphoria from Heaven, then a taste of nothingness; imagine what both will be like for real. Pray brothers and sisters, for these lost souls. God’s children need to pray like we have never prayed before; I have this urgent feeling that time is drawing near and I want to help save as-many-as I can.

I needed the words to express this dream to others. As I usually do, I prayed about this, and called on my friend, Sylvia Lopez, who prayed the most beautiful prayer for me, asking our Father to show me the words I needed.

“Heavenly Father this moment, I lift my dear sister Pat unto your name, giving her the words and wisdom that you have blessed her with, to share and express your heavenly dream to her. You know she has a talent, a talent that only she can deliver. Lord, please strengthen my sister, and open her ears to your word, your voice, and her heart, let it pour out your words, through the beautiful poems that I am blessed with. Lord, I pray for my sister this moment, that you give her the words, to manifest what this dream means, and that you keep blessing her family and body, mind and spirit, for she is truly an angel, and a daughter of yours. I ask this in your precious name. Amen

After praying that God would show me the reason why He sent both sides of a dream to me, the following poem hit me, for I am better at saying things in poetry form than any other way.

“The Air Was Gone” (By: Pat Finn)

The clouds rolled away and there He stood, with angels by His’ side;
A wondrous site to behold, it brought tears to my eyes.
The colors were so brilliant, like none I had ever seen before;
Indescribable beauty and peace all around, I knew I was in the presence of the Lord.  

I was given a taste of what Heaven would be like, my Savior let me see;
Then He showed me how it would feel, if He did not choose me.
It was a feeling so heavy, nothing but an empty vacuum;
My soul crying out…………knowing it was doomed.  

The weight of the world was heavy, bearing down on my soul;
Knowing Christ had come back, and I was not counted in His’ fold.
The trumpet blew, I didn’t know, I never heard God’s voice;
Time had come and gone, and I no longer had a choice.  

It was like I was standing back, watching all of this unfold;
God showed me both sides of what can happen to a soul.
As one of those left behind, I was totally drained;
One of the living dead, I could not even feel the pain.  

I cried out, my God, I’m neither dead nor am I alive;
If this is the way it is to be, please Lord, just let me die.
Oh how it would feel, to be one of those left behind;
Knowing I missed my chance, back to the Holy Vine.  

I pondered……Lord why……why did you show me both sides;
Is it so I can go out to others, and better testify?
Telling them of that empty vacuum, with the air totally gone;
Or the beauty and the peace of it all, when our Savior calls us Home?

Pat Finn


The Air Was Gone