Storm Deflector

by | May 17, 2012 | Faith, Miracles, Prayer

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” (Prov 31:10 NIV)

“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown.” (Prov 12:4 NIV)

My wife and I celebrated our 24th anniversary by going away for the weekend. As a surprise for my wife, I had planned everything in advance, down to the last detail. The only problem was this: The weather outlook was grim! For up to a week prior to our departure, the local weather predicted a 90% chance of thunderstorms!

I wasn’t worried at first. After all, the local weather is never correct, especially a week in advance! But as I dutifully checked the weather everyday until the day of our departure, ever hoping to see a change in the predictions, I came to the solemn conclusion that once in awhile, there ARE no changes to the forecast!

The forecast still hadn’t changed the morning of our first day in Rochester. There was still a 90% risk of thunderstorms, and now they were calling for heavy wind and rain as well. Would I have to cancel the outdoor activities I had planned?

I phoned the company who advertised the romantic boat ride on the Erie canal to ask whether or not the boats would be running. They weren’t very optimistic. The lady on the phone informed me that boats were warned not to leave the docks that day. She promised to keep me posted, however, just in case of a change…

The sky was black and ominous, but as it wasn’t raining yet, we decided to go to the zoo as planned. Imagine our surprise when the sun came out shortly after we entered the park! We decided to visit the High Falls next, and to our joy, the sun remained! When would the rain be coming? Did we dare chance the boat ride?

Besides the lack of rain, there was one other thing that puzzled me: The knowing look on my wife’s face. The entire trip had been kept a surprise. She knew nothing about the planned activities. So where did her grin come from?

After witnessing a mother deer rest after the recent birth to two tiny fawns, my cell phone began to vibrate. The boat trip was, indeed, on!

We enjoyed our trip thoroughly, and the sun remained the entire time. In fact, when we entered the theatre to see a Broadway musical that evening, the sun was still shining, and as it turned out, the entire weekend continued to be filled with sunshine. Imagine our surprise to learn that there had been severe thunderstorms in the surrounding areas all weekend, as well as at home!

Interestingly, every time I made a statement of surprise about our exceptionally good weather, my wife resumed her knowing grin. As we were having lunch on Sunday, just before leaving to drive back home, she confessed. “I heard the weather predictions, and though I didn’t know what you had planned, I knew that rain would not fit in very well. I really wanted this to be a special weekend, and I knew that rain would ruin it for you. I prayed for God to hold off the rain!”

I was speechless. There have been those who have told me that God cannot answer weather requests, because one person may ask for sunshine while another asks for rain! Well, they are wrong! God cared enough about the success of a special anniversary weekend to answer my wife’s weather requests!

I have to say that one of God’s greatest blessings to me is my wife. No one could have a nobler character than her! (See Prov 12:4). We have our moments (mostly due to my own stupidity!), but no one could be more caring than she is!

How often don’t we neglect the presents that God has bestowed us with! Get to know your spouse by spending time with him or her. Don’t assume you know them already. Listen to their beautiful voice and start appreciating the difference they make in your life. Pray for them and watch God’s grace shine through. Only then will this verse become a reality: “May you rejoice in the wife of your youth.” (Prov 5:18 NIV)

My wife is also a prayer warrior, and she knows beyond a doubt that nothing is impossible to God (See Luke 1:37). That’s why her prayers deflected the storm! She knows the Storm Deflector personally! This same Storm Deflector can carry you through the storms that life rolls your way, as well! His specialty is turning them from tornados into roller coaster rides!

Rob Chaffart

P. S. Umbrellas? Who need them? Let His grace shine through!


Storm Deflector