Nandy: God’s Gift

by | May 17, 2012 | Gifts, Miracles

Once I pray, I entrust our needs to God in the Name of Jesus, and seek the Holy Spirit’s discernment, counsel and protection.

BELIEVING is the beginning of our miracles. Thus, the miracles begin. Because I have learned that if we fail to recognize them, these precious gifts, our miracles, others with greater trust receive them and we are left with a void we create ourselves by not being vigilant and in constant praise of His unending love for us. His hands, I have found contain endless gifts/answers to our prayers, but we cannot be so preoccupied with other things that we forget keeping Him constantly in our hearts, minds, and spirits.

Yesterday, after doing hours of work with my sweetheart, Bob, by me, I asked God to please send us good trusting people to help us with loose ends as we work on refurbishing and restoring order into our home that only needs to be done.

After a quick shower, I asked Bob if he wanted us to go pick up dinner and he said, “yes, of course.” He went to his favorite corner store where I was delighted he pointed out a brightly painted green drop off container with the words on it: “Earth Project. Drop Clothes and Shoes Here for the Needy.” (Outstanding, I thought because I had a bag of my clothing Bob had packed to take to our church thrift shop where free vouchers are given only to the needy “to pay” for necessities.). But we chose to place them in the available container, because it was so convenient, and appeared to be a new and different approach, serving the same, if not purpose for those who could use our help.

Then, he did what I thought was reversed: Instead of driving towards the direction of the restaurant, he drove to another store he likes buying me a special kind of popsicle. I, impatiently, I said: “You are wasting time. We really need to go pick up our food. It’s getting late.” He said, “Well, I can turn around and do that.” I said, “No, it’s ok. Let’s just get moving on so we can return home early.”

As I waited in the car for him , I noticed a young girl with long, dark, beautiful hair, wearing a very unique top. I lowered my window and called out to her, “What a lovely top you are wearing, and it looks so nice on you.” She was enjoying a snow cone on a warm day which had been preceded by sizzling California temperatures climbing to 107 degrees.

She came nearer and said, “Thank you. I just bought it at Wal-Mart.” She went on to say, “”My heart hurts.” Not wanting to appear alarmed, I asked, “Are you sure? This area is known for allergies since it is in a valley. The environment is surrounded with innumerable kinds of plants that produce pollens despite the beautiful flowers and greenery which can affect your breathing. “She asked, “Really?” I said, “Yes, Should you should feel intense pain, you may want to make sure you go to the emergency room. Go in the morning because at night it will be very congested and you will spend a long night waiting because the medical staff has different kinds of urgent care they must provide and can be short handed. So, don’t wait until then, ok?” “Ok,’ she said, “thank you.” I reminded her to ensure someone took her rather than her going alone just to be on the safer side.

As our conversation was ending, she said: “You are a very nice lady,” and touched my hand, reclining on the car window. Her warmth truly touched my heart as I, too thanked her for such politeness and gratitude, often rare in our times.

The thought occurred to me to see how I could maintain contact, so I asked: “By the way, you wouldn’t know a lady who could come in once a week to help me reorganizing my home, would you?”

She said, willingly, “Yes, I do. My aunt. She works every day except Mondays and Thursdays when she rests.” I asked, “So, she has a cleaning business?” “Yes,” she answered. Her face lit up, and I could tell how pleased she was being responsive to my personal challenge.

I was touched by her vulnerability and willingness to share this information with me. Her innocence and sweetness prompted me to pursue the matter further. I said, “You wouldn’t be interested, would you? She said, “Yes, I will come help you if you’d like.” “Wonderful! When can you come?” “Whenever you would like,” she answered.

She wrote her name, address and phone on a blank card I offered her. Eagerly, she began to write, “Nandy.”

I asked her for directions to her home. She pointed it to me. After offering her a ride home, she said, “Yes, thank you and climbed into the back seat., ” I don’t have transportation to come to your home.” I said, “That’s fine, I’ll pick you up.” She answered, “Just the first time. Once I know where you live I can walk. Where do you live?” I answered, “two blocks from you.” (Hardly a coincidence I was to find out, later). After dropping her off, I asked Bob,” I wonder if she has a heart condition or allergies?. Once she comes over I’ll be able to access what is really going on with her and if we can help her.”

He smiled as we drove to get our dinner and said, “Well?” I asked, “Well what?” He said, “your miracle, an answer to your prayer. Had I not stopped at this store for your popsicle, you would not have received God’s answer and you would not have met Nandy”. I felt a bit embarrassed for having chided him for stopping there, but felt warm and grateful, inside, as I apologized and thanked him for his vigilance and praising God. I was the preoccupied one, but I saw Bob’s wisdom and undeterred total trust.

Obviously, God chose to lead us there, but Bob recognized His coming to our aid the very same day I sought Him by His placing Nandy at the Bob’s popsicle store.

Rose May


Nandy: God’s Gift