Miracle on First Street

by | May 17, 2012 | Miracles, Provision

Bonnie and Clyde were two fur-persons who had allowed me to cohabitate with them for over 8 years. They were the best of friends, they both entertained me and we had a good life. Then one day – a routine trip to the vet – we learned that Clyde had liver cancer. Liver cancer is fatal to cats and the recommendation was to let Clyde go to sleep rather than to prolong the suffering he would have to endure. It was with very sad hearts that Bonnie and I went home without him.

That was a very sad day! Some people may think it is foolish to cry over a cat but I cried over losing Clyde and Bonnie cried with me. I knew I could turn my sorrows over to Jesus; and in time the pain was less. Bonnie only had me to comfort her and she cried and cried. She was so lonesome.

At the urgings of some people I love, I made the decision to try to get another kitty so Bonnie wouldn’t be so lonely. I put my name in a few places to adopt a kitty. He was to be the color of marmalade and we wanted a boy.

That is how Dundee came into our lives. It wasn’t an instant success! One sniff through the door of the carrier and my sedate, ladylike little kitty became a hissing, cursing, growling, snarling, ball of rage! Whew! If I had talked like that my mother would have had me spitting soap bubbles. I never heard a cat let out such sounds and poor Dundee was so frightened! Only God could help these two become friends.

And that is what I did; I took the problem of Bonnie and Dundee to God. Several of my friends were praying for peace between them, too. God, who sees even the little sparrows, would care about this problem.

Day 1. Dundee refused to come out of the little room where we had put his feeding station and litter box. No amount of coaxing would convince him to come out and meet that hissing creature that kept sticking her nose in through the cat door and reminding him he was unwelcome.

Day 2. Dundee came out of his room. Apparently he had decided to face that hissing, growling, snarling ball of rage on its own turf. He began to run and play – with all the abandon of a youth who hasn’t yet learned the limits expected of him.

Day 3. Bonnie ate her breakfast on one side of the kitchen and Dundee ate his on the other side of the room. Progress! Before Bonnie wouldn’t eat if he was anywhere around. When they were done they started off together and Dundee batted Bonnie on her backside. DUNDEE! Show some respect!!! Bonnie didn’t hiss. That night Dundee decided to share our bed rather than sleeping in his room. Bonnie didn’t hiss. Again.

Day 4. Bonnie and Dundee are playing chase and Bonnie is starting to enjoy this little upstart.

Day 5. Bonnie and Dundee ate their breakfast out of the same bowl and each has tried out the other’s litter box. Nothing is safe from this little dynamo that has entered our lives. He plays with the chain on the ceiling fan and can either turn it off or on.

Day 6. Dundee has chosen a new sleeping place. The dollhouse! Also he got introduced to the cleaning lady. It was love at first sight for them both. Dundee got evicted from the room she was cleaning. Both Dundee and Bonnie were so weary afterwards that they slept through dinner.

Day 7. Either we are having an earthquake epicentered in our front room or Dundee has been somewhere else he isn’t supposed to be. The hanging plant is swinging. But things are peaceful at our house now.

God truly does care about the little things in our lives. Kitties that don’t get along? No problem. Just leave it with God. As the song goes “His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.” I am glad we serve such an Awesome God.

Wynona Gordon


Miracle on First Street