Waltz on In

by | May 17, 2011 | Fellowship, Relationship

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence… Hebrews 4:16

I was praying. Simple conversation with God. And found myself asking Him for something again. I thought, “I am constantly making requests. Wouldn’t you think He would get sick of that? I just waltz in, any time of the day or night I feel like it, and ask Him for something . And just assume He will listen, and do it. ”

Years ago, as a mom of young children, I would try to stop and listen to my kids when they would come to me to ask, or tell, me something. I usually did, but not always. Seemed that more often than not they wanted to talk when I was rushing to get dinner on the table, or bedtime, or another time that was less than convenient.

Our Father God made us for fellowship with Him. And yes, He is thrilled and delighted for us to come to Him, with requests, conversation, thanks, or just come to enjoy His presence. There’s never a time the Lord won’t stop and give us His full attention. In fact, He is just waiting for us to come.

So, waltz on in.

Sally I. Kennedy is the author of “Irish Thursdays: More Little Parables”, “Words from the Heart”, and “52 Little Parables from Ireland” . She lives in south Florida, with her husband Ben. Please visit her website at this address: http://www.sallyikennedy.com Sally’s email: [email protected]


Waltz on In