Unscrambling the Omelette

by | May 17, 2011 | Gratitude, Praise, Thankfulness, Trials

When was the last time you tried to unscramble an omelette?

Impossible, right? Once the ingredients have been mixed together and cooked, ready for consumption, it’s impossible to separate the individual contents.

Paul and Silas faced an omelette of sorts. Thrust unfairly in jail, they faced certain persecution, and possible death. And yet at midnight, they began singing praises. They were facing the impossible with praise, thankfulness and positivity!

God could turn things around, they said by their actions. The impossible could happen with Him in charge.

And it did! An earthquake. Door locks being shattered. Prisoners threatening to escape.

What were the results? Lives saved. God glorified. The impossible happened. The omelette had been unscrambled.

“Without God, it is utterly impossible. But with God everything is possible.” Mark 10:27

Are you thanking and praising, today, despite the impossible?

Bruce Wadd brucewadd@todaysthought.sharesong.org


Unscrambling the Omelette