The Christmas Tree

by | May 17, 2011 | Christmas, Poem

Don’t look under the Christmas tree for a gift, for the “gift” hung on the tree;
The red lights stand for His blood, that He shed for you and me.
The glittering strings of icicles, are for each one of His angels standing by;
Waiting to do His holy biding, on God’s command they shall fly.  

The different color of balls, represent the many different colors of skin;
Each one is unique and beautiful, but not a one is without sin.
The garland wrapped around the branches, is God’s love holding us tight;
The Father loved us all so much, that He gave His all on that silent night.  

The tree itself is green, for the life of all God’s creations;
The star on top points to the birthplace of His Son, who was sent to save the nations.
Put it all together, this tree represents our dear Savior, Jesus Christ;
Every time I see a Christmas tree, I am reminded of His death and His life.   Amen

Pat Finn


The Christmas Tree