Don’t Let Your Kernels Remain Unpopped

by | May 17, 2011 | Potential, Priorities, Talents

Wow! I was eating some microwaved popcorn this afternoon and I noticed that less than half of the bag popped. I was bothered because I was all set to enjoy my “natural and healthy” snack for the day.

As I looked at the unpopped kernels in the bottom of the bag, the Lord whisper to me (it had to be Him unless it was the actual bag talking to me! Ha!) “Don’t let your kernels remain unpopped.”

I said, Huh?” Here I was minding my own business, trying to enjoy my popcorn after a long day at work. He whispered again, “Don’t let your kernels remain unpopped.”

“Wow!”, is all I could say. Then, I waited to see what else He would say.

This is the story that He unfolded… “You are the bag and each kernel represents a piece to fulfill… You have great potential to fulfill in the earth because I have given it to you. Your responsibility is to act on it, not doubt it or ask others what they think.”

I nodded my head in understanding and then I waited again. (It’s good to wait on the Lord!)

Then He said something that caused me great concern…

“When you don’t fulfill your destiny, many of the promises I’ve lined up for you don’t come to pass and you wonder where they went.

Will you follow Me? When you turn left and I said turn right, you’re out of My will. When I allow prophecy to come forth for your life and you do not follow the path, many blessings that could have been, never show up.

It takes heat to make those kernels pop just like it takes you being in the heat to bring out that golden potential hidden and untapped. It is for My Glory!Stop trying to escape the heat. Call on Me! Use My Word to get you through. If you come out to soon you won’t be where you need to be and you’ll have to go through that heated trial possibly longer to get refined. Those kernels in this bad are wasted. They can never be used again. They had a purpose but left the heat too soon. Now they’re no good to anybody.

These kernels represent unused potential, talents and gifts that I have bestowed upon you. Waste not! Use them. Use them to further My kingdom. I have put a certain amount of blessing, gifting, anointing, potential… on your path just for you.

Stay on it. Stay on it. Stay on the path.

Remember that “thing” that I told you about a while back… It will come to pass.”

Wow! I will forever be amazed at how the Lord gets our attention. Who would have ever thought that He would speak out of a bag of popcorn.

The next time you find yourself eating some good ole’ popcorn check to see if all of the kernels popped and ask yourself, “Am I living out the potential to tap everything God has given me to do?” If you haven’t, it’s time to get popping!

I hope this story blesses you as it blessed me!



Don’t Let Your Kernels Remain Unpopped