A Sense of Awe

by | May 17, 2011 | Gratitude, Worship

Many of you know I live at the Jersey shore in a house overlooking the water. Every morning I wake up facing and looking at the magnificent colors of the sunrise.

Sometimes it is so beautiful that I run and get a camera to capture the moment so I can look at it again on a dreary, gloomy day.

Many people are in awe of sunsets. I am too. But, I am here to tell you the colors of the sun rising in the fall and in the winter are just as vibrant and beautiful as any sunset. In fact, people I have sent photos to thought they were photos of the sun setting.

I wonder how many people enjoy a sense of awe in their lives?

I look around me everyday and see so many people who hurry through their day, never really seeing anything around them. What joys they are missing!

I thank God for these blessings and His wonderful daily surprises. I thank Him for being able to see His artistry in full splendid colors. It puts a smile on my face all day long.

The kids of today use the word “awesome” to describe something good that they see or receive. I reserve the word “Awesome” for one thing…

God is awesome!

He is impressive, overwhelming, astonishing, amazing, breathtakingly wonderful!

Yes! I am in awe of Him and the blessings I receive on a daily basis.

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A Sense of Awe