Marinara Sauce

by | May 18, 2010 | Wisdom

I have a new recipe for a marinara sauce which requires a particular brand of prepackaged sauce for the base ingredient. I prepared this new recipe several times in my home in Atlanta, and all went well. Then, I needed to purchase more of my special starter sauce. No problem, I thought, I’ll just buy some more! I scouted the isles of every grocery and specialty store in my part of town, to no avail. All of a sudden my wonderful new recipe had lost its base, and the sauce would not taste the same. I finally gave up my pursuit of this product, considering it time wasted.
This week we are in the Keys- in Marathon , the middle key(or the heart of the keys, as the locals say!). My husband went to Marathon deli yesterday to pick up a few items, and guess what he came home with? Yes, my special sauce was sitting on the shelf-just waiting to be bought!! I can tell you I was surely surprised when he walked in with the sauce, and we will pack a lot of it in the car to take home. What amazes me is that I looked and looked for this item in such a large city, but couldn’t find it. Wouldn’t you think a necessary item (in my opinion!) Such as this would be right at the tip of my fingers, waiting to be plucked off the shelf? But, no, we find it in some little town, almost at the end of the U.S.A., and then it practically jumped off the shelf and into my husbands hand!

A basic ingredient in my life is reading God’s Word – the Bible. If I have a problem which can be solved by turning to scripture, I open my Bible to look for answers. I want my answer, and I want it now!! I may use my concordance, bible reference books and other assorted aids to help me find what I am seeking, but sometimes I draw a blank. Even when I search in great detail, I have no luck. Then, when I least expect it, God will send the answer to me. It will be right in front of my nose, just like the marinara sauce was!! It may be revealed in a most unexpected location, time ,or manner of delivery, but there is no mistaking it is from the Father.

I should continue trying to discover God’s answers for my questions, but if my searching is to no avail, I need to sit back and wait for Him to show me the answer. He showed me the main ingredient to my sauce in a most unexpected place, and He will reveal His answers as I need them. I can rest in that assurance. His timing is definitely better than mine!

Marion Smith


Marinara Sauce