Let My Sister Go

by | May 18, 2010 | Death, Poem

I memory of Leona Surrette  

You ask if I will miss her………you know I will;
But let me tell you, exactly how I feel.
She has suffered long enough, why should she keep hanging on?
Let my sister go………..let her go on home.  

There is always hope…….but her hope is on the other side;
He faith has sustained her, she knows where she will reside.
Miracles…….I definitely know that they exist;
But God is waiting for her, her name is on His list.  

Let my sister go, don’t keep her hanging on;
Her body may be weak……but her soul is really strong.
She wants to go home to The Lord, that’s what she has worked for all her life;
What a home coming she will have, with our sweet Savior Jesus Christ. 

Pat Finn finn@mebtel.net


Let My Sister Go