His Love

by | May 18, 2010 | God's Love, Poem

Everything was wonderful; so great

She had found that perfect mate.
Sure the Lord he did not know
But, he was her soul mate, her beau.

She knew that he would change he really would.
He would come to love the Lord, as he should.
Her eyes were opened widely and she saw clearly
This man was her love, she loved dearly.

The Truth she knew was in God’s Word.
That now seemed to be absurd
Her new love was destiny, meant to be.
How in the world could all not see?

Excuses were made each and everyday.
She knew he would find the way.
God knew all and she knew He cared
About this love the both of them shared.

Now, years later, she looked back.
Was it faith she did lack?
For he never accepted he Lord.
To him going to church was a bore.

She now saw the truth, the lies she bought.
It was not God’s will she had sought,
It was her who wanted this love so badly
Now everything ended so sadly.

Mistakes are made each and everyday.
Far too often we want it all our way.
We push the Lord aside, not listening to Him
Playing dangerous games and living in sin.

The Lord forgives all our short comings each day,
He is our Lord. He loves us in every way.
Decisions are made both bad and good.
Pray, seek Him as you know you should.

Sharon Niese nananpopo@wcnet.org


His Love