Giving Your Life Away

by | May 18, 2010 | Giving, Love

Sometimes the greatest lessons in life come at the oddest moments. One of mine came when I was helping to harvest our gardens as a boy. We had four of them and they took a lot of work. In the fall, however, they produced more than enough vegetables for the whole year. Every year my Dad would separate a part of them to share with friends and people in the community. One time while we were loading up a bag full of corn to take to a needy family I asked my Dad why we always gave so many of our vegetables away. He said, “Son, not everyone has as much as we do. They can use our help. Besides, if we didn’t give these vegetables away they would just go to waste.” Now that I have been on this world a lot longer I can see the wisdom in my Dad’s words. I can see too that they apply not just to vegetables but to our entire lives.

What good are our lives, after all, if we don’t give them away? What good are the things we have if they just go to waste? We all come into this world naked and shivering with nothing. We can take nothing with us when we leave here either. Our lives and possessions then are only momentary gifts. They have meaning only when we share them and use them to help others.

In fact, the real riches of life come from every act of giving, helping, and sharing we do. These true riches are love, joy, and oneness with God. They are the wealth of the spirit and the treasures of Heaven. The best thing about them too is that they never run out. The more you give them away, the more God pours them into your heart, soul, and mind.

Don’t let your life go to waste. Give it away. Give it joyously in service to others. Give it lovingly in service to God. Give your money, your time, your talents, your help, your skills, your energy, and your love. Give without fear knowing that God will always give you back even more. Make yourself rich in the treasures of Heaven and bring a little Heaven to Earth as well.

Joe Mazzella


Giving Your Life Away