A Spy in the Land

by | May 18, 2010 | Dependability, Reliance

I have three kids in college this year. The oldest two are boys. Boys tell you nothing. But all three go to the same college, so sending in a girl this year was really like sending a spy into the land. I told Kaley, “You’ll be my eyes and ears at college.” Of course, now I’m wondering if I’ll eventually be expecting her to be my nose and mouth–maybe even a liver or a gizzard. No wait, I don’t even have that last one, do I? Hey, maybe that’s why someone is going to need to be my gizzard.

So who’s going to be my heart–my lion heart? Who’s going to be my courage? When Moses sent spies to scope out the Promised Land, 10 of them were chicken-hearted (you have to wonder if they had gizzards). They definitely needed to have someone else be their heart. Two stood against the ten and said, “Let’s go.” Where did they get that courage? They we relying on God to be their strength, their courage…their heart!

I want to rely on God to be my heart, too. Even if no one ever agrees to be my gizzard.

Rhonda Rhea rrhea@juno.com


A Spy in the Land