Crowns for You and Me

by | May 19, 2009 | Blessing, Creation, Praise

I was a transfer dump truck driver, and I had just picked up a load of topsoil. As I drove from the site, a field of yellow flowers caught my eye and I decided to stop and pray. I got out of my rig and walked into the field, praising God for the beauty I could see all around me.

The sun was shining through mountainous clouds. Besides the flowers, there were ducks in a pond and cattle in the field with me and rolling hills all around. I walked out into the field and settled to my knees to offer prayer. As I finished lifting my hands in praise to God and praying, I looked at the yellow flowers all around me and picked some to take home to my wife. There was a coloring of lavender under these wildflowers that I saw were small flowers. I had never seen a flower formed as these little lavender were. There were no petals, just a raising of the flower from the stem. The shape reminded me of cloth crowns I had seen on pictures of medieval Kings.

I praised God anew for the crowns at my feet. Here in a field of nature God showed me again that He is God and He blesses those who praise Him. I never would have seen the crowns but for kneeling in prayer to my God. I pray God bless you with crowns also.

Joe Padovano


Crowns for You and Me