Color Me Christian

by | May 19, 2009 | Acceptance, Example, Judging, Poem

Lord, don’t let them judge me
By the color of my skin.
Show them my true colors, Lord,
From what lies deep within.  

Let them see the love I have,
So deep inside, for you.
Then, let them see my daily life And Christian attitude.  

I want to touch some lonely soul
And give to those in need.
Show them your grace and mercy, Lord,
With every thought and deed.  

My outward skin is yellow
And black, and in-between,
But, my soul can’t tell the difference, Lord,
Because it’s pure and white, and clean.  

I want to follow in the footsteps
Of a Christian saved by grace;
Where my skin tone doesn’t matter
And I won’t feel so out of place.  

Lord, teach our hearts to be color-blind,
So we can see the inward part
And just color me a Christian, Lord;
Serving you with my whole heart.  

© 2007 by Vickie Lambdin


Color Me Christian