Christ Jesus by My Side

by | May 19, 2009 | Poem, Presence

As I sit here early this morning, I think on Christ again
I have asked Him to be with, go with me to the end.
When I feel fear, I ask Him to hold me very near
Knowing He sits beside me fills my heart with cheer.

He is the mission that I have accomplished this day.
He said He would be with me in sorrows, all the way.
It is such a comfort to know He is ever near
He is my Savior and He shall always hold me dear.

He says He will never leave me and I know this is true
He makes me happy; calms my fears; He would yours too.
Invite Him to walk beside you; curl up in your heart too.
Maybe it is hard to believe just now, but He will go with you.

He came beside me when I prayed for His forgiving love
He is my Fortress, my Anchor, from there above.
He is the one I can go to, when I feel so all alone.
It is He, who, when I die that will bring me home.

He is my inspiration. Who else could it ever really be?
He is ready, willing and waiting; all this I see
In the Christ beside me, He calms me night and day
The fear is gone, as Christ brought gladness my way.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker

May 29, 2007


Christ Jesus by My Side