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by | May 19, 2009 | Priorities

For the past three months, a little bird (an Indian Minor) has been tapping at our window. Over the course of the day, he lands on the window sill at least twenty times. He looks worried as he walks the length of the window, tapping here and there with great conviction. I can only assume he is consumed by the beauty of his own reflection.

He is very purposeful, confident and particular in his activity, but his behaviour really makes me wonder. Is looking at his own reflection really the best use of this bird’s time and energy?

I was struck by the futility of the feathered friend’s actions, yet I am aware that I am not so different. I too can look purposeful, confident and busy, all the while spending precious time and energy on some futile, meaningless activity.

The wisest man that ever lived, Solomon, thought hard work would bring him happiness. He built houses, planted vineyards, gathered treasures, but in the end he said:

“But then I looked at what I had done, and I thought about all the hard work. Suddenly I realized it was useless, like chasing the wind. There is nothing to gain from anything we do here on earth.” Ecclesiastes 2:11

Instead of just being ‘busy’, ask… What is really important?

Karen Collum


Bird Brain