The Son Will Come

by | May 18, 2009 | Poem

The sun will come and here it is,
a new day for me,
a new day for you.
It’s really a sight to see,

thankful at first breath,
ready for the days test by God’s grace.
I’ll be at my best and at the end,
I’ll be able to close my eyes and rest,
with the feeling of peace and the warmth of love and believing in the higher power above.

Yes, all this filling my heart and head,
I may shed a tear or crack a smile in this new day,
but I will not let quick changing emotions get in my way of being thankful for this new day for you and for me.

Written by Scotty Ray Bohannon

Submitted by Scotty’s parents Wayne and Debbie Bohannon This was the last poem Scotty Ray Bohannon wrote. He passed away on Feb. 5,2006. He was 33 years old.


The Son Will Come