Show and Tell

by | May 18, 2009 | Poem

My son took his little Bible to school, just for show and tell.
With the teacher, the principal and the school board, it didn’t sit too well.
The school board decided to suspend him, just for three days you see;
All because of the Holy Bible, in which my son believes.  

Then they ask themselves, what’s wrong in our schools today?
Kids fighting, look at all the shootings…………..but no one is allowed to pray.
The other day another student was caught, he was carrying a knife;
I’ll tell you where they all went wrong………..there’s no Jesus in their life.  

We’ve lost control, Satan has a hold, we better put prayer back in schools.
That’s what Satan has wanted all along, to use our children as his tools.
Wake up Christians, get off the sidelines, tell Satan your soul is not for sale.
Now a little boy who believes in God is suspended, because of show and tell!               

Pat Finn


Show and Tell