Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Onions and Georgian Collards

by | May 18, 2009 | Blessing

ust want to let you know that I have caught the Harris (my family) bug for gardening, finally. This season has been hard on me due to chronic back pain caused from having a broken back, literally, but it is healing. All the Harris’s for generations have planted vegetables and each will compare how much his or hers has grown throughout. This seems to be in our blood but I sort of wondered about myself as I have no tomato growing gene. I do, however, grow lovely flowers and my neighbors comment on them frequently. But today, this morning in fact, I decided to grow some veggies.

This morning my neighbor took me and my Precious cat to get a rabies shot for her, not me, and the animal clinic is attached to a feed store. Down here in Florida where I live, the feed store also has the freshest garden plants and seed along with the feed.

After getting my kitty’s shot and when she finally stopped hissing and trying to bite, I decided to look around for some plants, not tomatoes, I know better. I found some beautiful romaine lettuce plants and believe it or not, Georgia collard plants. Now, in Georgia those home folks can grow some good eating collard greens. I bought a tray of each, about nine little plants to a tray. I love salads so I also bought some sweet onion sets. I can and have grown onions with good results except for the time the man who mows my lawn decided to weed them down. Anyway, I decided it can’t hurt to try this thing again.

This is a really big “Thank you God” thing for me. This morning, I remember asking Him to please bring me some joy in doing things like I used to have. Since all this back pain started I seem to have no interest in anything at all, no less stressing myself with physical labor. I have many household jobs to do like painting, and doing some remodelling around here. I feel this will happen a tiny baby step at a time. God has given me back the desire. He will help me do it every inch of the way.

I didn’t realize this would happen so fast but now it all makes sense to me. I love beauty and I also love to watch things grow. God knows this. I tend to suffer from depression in which many days look the same with no color. He gave me a love of flowers and the many colors He has created that no artist can match. Look at the different shades of green and it is so awesome to see the subtle differences! I know that with just a little work as I am able to do it, He will give me the very best lettuce and greens with onions! It is so delicious to pick them from your own yard.

I have many good recipes for these vegetables. The main one for collards is just clean them good and get out all the grit and add any type of pork, then cook till tender. I will certainly enjoy sharing them with my neighbors. My only thought now is, ” too bad they don’t make a cornbread plant.” Well, they do but I am not into grinding corn for meal like my ancestors. My daddy taught me how to make some pretty good cornbread so that will go really well, along with some of those onions. God has certainly blessed me today as everyday.

Sharlett F. Hunt


Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Onions and Georgian Collards