Revolving Door

by | May 18, 2009 | Rest

It’s been a weird summer. With the kids getting older and one heading out on one mission trip while another one heads for another camp, I’m not sure if we’ve had the whole family all together for more than a week or so. I was thinking of installing a revolving door.

Then I went on a trip myself to Atlanta last week and stayed in a hotel that actually did have a giant revolving door. I had two of my teenagers with me. Have you seen what teenagers do in a revolving door? Let’s just say I’m not considering installing one anymore. And I think there may be some kind of restraining order against me and my kids in Atlanta. Closer than 50 feet to a revolving door and it might be even longer before our entire family is home all together.

I’m hoping to stop the revolving door at home this week (you know, the kind of stopping the revolving door that doesn’t cause anyone to hyperventilate). We’re scheduling a family regroup time. I think it pleases the Lord when we stop some of the busyness to focus on our families. I love the way The Message phrases Psalm 127:3: “Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift? The fruit of the womb his generous legacy?” We need to stick together and “stay stuck”–the best kind of “stuck.”

There’s a lady in a swimsuit who may still be stuck in that Atlanta hotel’s revolving door. Hey, how long can a lady in a revolving door hyperventilate without doing permanent damage?

Rhonda Rhea


Revolving Door