The Green Cockatiels

by | May 20, 2008 | Presence

I was pet sitting my family’s 13 birds while they were on vacation last summer. We had gotten ourselves down to a regular routine, and this one morning, after the ‘out of cage’ period for my little feathered friends, it was, once again, ‘find, sort and return to cage’ time. Beware! Don’t get the wrong husband with the wrong wife! And believe me, I knew it every time I did! There would be a major fight!

Those little birds were like Houdini! Now you see them, now you don’t. It was like someone slipped in and covered the lot with Vanishing Cream! But once again, I found — 1 Pionus, 2 Cockatiels, 6 Blue Linnies, and — 2 Green Linnies. Only TWO GREEN LINNIES? OOPS! Someone is MISSING! AGAIN!

Those same little green birds that had given me such a scare that first day were at it again (Go to the following link for THAT story! Http:// I wasn’t so worried by now because things had settled into a routine but I still needed to find Emerald and Ireland! I had learned some of their hiding places – these two were always disappearing – so I looked in the usual spots, including the other bird’s cages. No Emerald and No Ireland! Where could they be?

Again I appealed to my Heavenly Father and I was impressed to look – again – in the cages. Ah-HA! There they were – two little green fluffs hiding in the Cockatiel cage. Again I sent up a prayer of thanks, and added still another ‘place to look’ for next time, for there would surely be a ‘next time’.

Jesus tells us “Seek me and ye shall find me” and HE doesn’t wear Vanishing Cream. He is always there and if we don’t ‘see’ Him it is because WE aren’t looking.

Wynona Gordon


The Green Cockatiels