The Blood Is Stronger Than the Wine

by | May 20, 2008 | Poem, Salvation

The blood of Christ that cleansed us, is much stronger than the wine;
Wine will go by the wayside, but the blood is here for all time.
Hanging on that wooden cross, they watched His precious blood flow;
That is what saved all of mankind………..little did they know.  

He was the true Son of God, yet they thought they crucified a man;
But our Father who sits in Heaven, had control over His plan.
It’s not so much they didn’t believe, they were jealous of His fame;
Telling all He met……………the true reason that He came.  

When that stone was rolled away, and Jesus Christ had risen on high;
No longer could they turn a deaf ear…..not look and close their eyes.
I often wonder how His persecutors felt, when they finally closed the book?
The Son of God was crucified, and thirty pieces of silver was all it took.  

What would His life be worth today…….what is it worth to you?
Thirty pieces of silver is nothing, look what He had to go through.
Every time you do or don’t follow christ, that’s the price you’re willing to pay;
My Lord, my God, my Savior……..for you……..look what He gave.  

Yes the blood is stronger than the wine, which one do you want to follow?
One is full of truth and life……… is empty and hollow.
I choose to follow my Lord, the one that rose on high;
Whether by the grave………or through the Eastern sky.  

Pat Finn


The Blood Is Stronger Than the Wine