Just a Miracle From above

by | May 20, 2008 | Death, Grief, Miracles, Poem

Forty two years ago a young lady appeared in my life
In a miraculous way she gave me a baby boy who was a delight
She was an unwed mother who did not want to abort
I wanted a baby more than anything in this world
She came from far away to give me this one she loved
Just a miracle from above  

The doctors agreed that I could not conceive
This precious teenager so frightened and sad
Came thousands of miles to give him to this mother and dad
Just a miracle from above  

I told her about Jesus and how He could change her life
She accepted Him as her savior and gave him her strife
How precious she is in her service for Him
She shares her faith with all that come near
Her life is an example to all those that fear
Just a miracle from above  

This son grew up to be a wonderful man
He suffered from bipolar that he could not stand
He took his life and left such pain
The ones that loved him were forever changed
God held our hands one day at a time
Just a miracle from above  

The birth mother found his obituary on the net
She called and again we met
Broken hearted of course but love was there
There were tears and  joy as I shared his life
Two mothers met after forty two years
Just a miracle from above  

She brought along Kelli, his sister we met
His sister looked just like him and there is no regret
That she came into my life in God’s timing
A blessing she is and will forever be
Apart of this family who loves her so much
Just  a miracle from above  

Sarah Berthelson sarah1@bigriver.net   A true story —the reunion took place last week


Just a Miracle From above