by | May 20, 2008 | Sons and Daughters of God, Success

My words are not mine most days. They just appear in my mind, on my computer screen or on paper and I share them. I sat in a meeting recently listening to others around me speak about all the challenges in life. The group was made up of men and women of various ages.

One middle aged man wondered out loud why God had not permitted him to be successful.

I stood up and said, “Success is as easy as A B C.”

I then walked out of the room.

Of course this stirred the conversation and caused a number of people to laugh at the simplicity of my statement.

I waited outside the door and listened.

“He has no idea what he is talking about!”

“Nothing in life is that simple!”

As I turned to walk away I heard a voice, “Sir! Pardon me.”

I stopped and turned toward him.

“You caused quite a discussion in there.”

“I always do,” I replied.

“I couldn’t let you go without an explanation,” he said. “You said ‘Success is as easy as A B C” How can that be?”

I then pulled a small scrap of paper out of my jacket, walked over to a nearby table and scribbled something on it.

“Out of all those people, you were the only one who showed interest in the possibility. It’s a reflection of today’s society. We are made to believe that unless something is complex, multi-layered and expensive, it cannot be of any value. Something simple is not worth pursuing. That is except for those who know the truth…like you,” I said.

I then handed him the note, smiled and walked away.

Before he opened the paper, I left the building, crossed the parking lot and got into my car.

I waited and watched the nearby window. He appeared there smiling as he held the note up and waved.

This is what I wrote,

“You are “A” child of God. You will “B” successful when you “C” what He sees in you.”

“A B C”

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