by | May 19, 2008 | Presence, Trials

Psalm 31:24 Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart

The hurricane blew through the Keys and south Florida with a mighty force. The winds howled, and the rain pounded relentlessly for 24 hours. My sister and her husband have a home in Marathon, Fla. And we were concerned about the damage the mighty force of the hurricane would inflict. The news was good – the house was fine, and as for the landscaping, only the key lime tree was uprooted. We were all very thankful.

Shortly thereafter my husband and I visited their home in Marathon where I took a good look at that particular key lime tree. Yes, I could see where the roots were exposed and dirt had been misplaced. The damage to the branches was extremely evident for they were quite bare, with only a few leaves hanging on, and amazingly enough…even some key limes!!! My brother in law had straightened the tree, tying one large branch to the corner post of the house, giving it support. On the other side, the tree was propped up by a 2 x 4 board, giving it the assistance it needed while it recovered.

When Christians are “uprooted” in their faith, no matter what the reason, God sends people, and events into their lives to help support them. Finally, with time, their roots can be repaired and they will stand alone with God, not depending upon an outside brace to keep them from toppling over.

Thank you, Lord, that you never leave us during difficult times and for the amazing way you work in our lives, even when we are uprooted.

Marion Smith: noles65@aol.com