The Stone Was Rolled Away

by | May 19, 2008 | Poem, Resurrection

My God, my Lord, my Savior; look what they have done.
They beat and mutilated His body, just to watch His blood run.
What will w do, they crucified Him, HE’s dead and buried in His grave;
NO!  He’s not dead……..look it’s empty……..the stone was rolled away.  

He hung up there on Calvary’s Hill, our sins He took away;
Christ did that for us, it was a debt we couldn’t pay.
When that stone was rolled away, hallelujah, our Savior was gone.
After three days up to heaven Jesus went, to His Father’s throne.  

My sweet Jesus rose on high, to sit on God’s right hand;
Going back to The Father…………..where someday we will stand.
When time on Earth is over, when this world shall come to an end;
For those who believe ,our Savior will be back to take us home with Him.      


Pat Finn


The Stone Was Rolled Away