Temptation Hill

by | May 19, 2008 | Poem, Temptation

Satan met Jesus, on Temptation Hill.
He said, “Your prayers are in vain because they’re doing my will.”
They like me, they love me, and they’ll do what I say.
I’m a Master at deceiving and leading astray.  

I’ve taught them to drink, to lie, cheat, and cuss.
How to break up a marriage; to fight, fume, and fuss.
I’ve taught them to steal, by using extortion,
And to kill unborn babies with a pill called abortion.  

I’ve taught them to murder their parents and kids.
I was thinking they wouldn’t. But, you know what?
They did. I’ve taught them to drink and to use countless drugs,
While robbing old ladies with their drug dealing thugs.  

So, while you’re still praying, I just want you to know
They’re all following me; with their whole heart and soul.
The Lord said, “What must I do to win them all back?”
Then, Satan said listen, “I won’t cut you no slack.”
Your life’s all I’m asking and your blood, too, now, Son.
Then, Jesus looked straight at Satan and said, “It is done.”
My Grace and my blood will cover their sins
And they will all follow in my footsteps again.  

Then Satan said, “Lord, this time you have won.
But, don’t think, for one minute, that my job here is done.
I will still be roaming this earth, to and fro;
Still tempting your people wherever they go.

   © 2007 by Vickie Lambdin vlambdin@bellsouth.net


Temptation Hill