Set for Life

by | May 19, 2008 | Joy, Kindness, Love

I saw an advertisement for a new game show on television the other day. It was called “Set for Life” and people in it will compete for a monthly check that will supposedly “set” them for life. For some reason seeing this advertisement reminded me of a moment when my own family was definitely not set for life. It was just after a fire had destroyed our home when I was a boy. We had no insurance and the fire had taken everything we had except our own lives. When my Dad looked through the ashes he could only find one thing: the plastic case that my Mom always kept her wedding and Mother’s rings in. It had melted around them and saved them from the flames. I can remember Mom crying when he brought them to her. They were not worth much money, but they symbolized the priceless love and joy that our family shared. I can see now that this love and joy were our true treasures. They were all we really needed to be set for life.

When it comes to truly being set for life we have to look away from our paychecks and look within ourselves. Making a living is not the same as living. Money and stuff may be nice to have, but the pleasures they bring are momentary and fleeting. True happiness comes from real treasures and the real treasures in life are the treasures of Heaven. They are the treasures that lie in each of our souls. They are the treasures that bless ourselves, our families, our lives, and our world. They are love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, and oneness with God.

Don’t keep looking for the spare change that this world gives you when you have a treasure box of priceless gems within yourself. If you want to be set for life then get yourself set to live. Give your love, share your joy, and shine your light to everyone you meet. Pray and thank God for your life everyday. Smile, laugh, sing, hug, and help everyone you can. Enjoy the true treasures of your soul and let others do the same. Then you will be set for this life and the next.

Joseph J. Mazzella [email protected]


Set for Life