Old Photographs

by | May 19, 2008 | God's Love, Happiness, Joy, New Life

Every now and then God clears our vision and lets us see a glimpse of Heaven while still here on Earth. My own eyes got opened for me the other day while I was looking through some old photo albums. I was never very good at sorting pictures so they were pretty mixed up. Some had been taken a few years ago, some were of my children as babies, and some old, family ones were taken up to 70 years ago. Each one of them, however, contained a precious moment frozen in time. As I looked through them too I noticed something very wonderful. It seemed that the happier the person was in the picture, the more the light shined from their eyes. I could see this pure, radiant, and loving light in picture after picture no matter how long ago it was taken. With every smiling face there were a pair of shining eyes sending their joy across the years and into my heart. It was then that I realized that God was giving me a glimpse through the window to the Heavenly soul in each person. This was who they really were. Each photo was of a Child of God: full of love, full of joy, and full of light. I knew too that even though those pictures would one day fade that those souls would shine on forever.

I am still thanking God for that little glimpse of Heaven. I am keeping it close to my heart, mind, and soul. I want to remember it not just every time I look at a photograph but also every time I am tempted to judge another. Only God knows the depths of our souls and only God can see the light within each of us.

God loves us so much. We are His Children and He put us here to help each other to grow in love, joy, light, and wonderful oneness with Him. Let’s embrace our birthright then. Let’s be the best Children of God that we can be. Let’s shine our light in our photos and in our lives. Let’s make each of our days a beautiful picture by loving, helping, and giving joy to each other.

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Old Photographs