Life at the Pool

by | May 19, 2008 | Joy, Love, Worry

I used to love to swim as a boy. My home was just a short walk away from the local pool and I used to spend most of my Summer days there. I would head out early with just my trunks and a towel. I always got there before it opened and then stayed until closing time. It was four hours of pure joy. I loved to dive in that cool, clean water. I would swim, splash, play games with my friends, talk, laugh, and only dry off during the breaks. I always walked home in the evenings with a smile on my face too. As a boy I thought Summertime at the pool was about as good as life could get.

There were some people who came to the pool that I never could understand, however. They would show up everyday carrying around and watching over these huge, heavy bags full of stuff. They would be all dressed up in fancy swimsuits. That always had on hats, sunglasses, and sandals. They would cover themselves in lotion but then sit in the shade of umbrellas. They spent most of their time near their bags, sitting in chairs, and watching other people swim. If they did dive in the pool it was only for few minutes before retreating back to their stuff. I often wondered why they even came to the pool at all.

Sometimes I think that life at the pool is a lot like life in general. Some people spend so much time carrying around and worrying about their stuff that they hardly get to swim at all. They just sit in the shade and watch their bags while everyone else soaks up the sun and delights in the day. Don’t become one of them. Life is for living not for sitting with your stuff. Dive deep into God’s love today. Swim all day long in joy. Play, love, laugh, and celebrate life with everyone around you. Make everyday of your life as good as it can get and help others to do the same. I want you to walk home to God with a smile on your face, because the bag isn’t coming with you.

Joseph J. Mazzella


Life at the Pool