How God Proved Himself to a Sinner

by | May 21, 2007 | Holy Spirit, Salvation

I was preaching a series of meetings in one of our small seaside villages, the pastor wanted me to speak with a man that he could not convince to even come to the church for any reason. The man’s wife and children were very faithful to the meetings. The gentleman operated a country store as a front for his true business ventures which was every illegal vice that he could derive a dollar from.

The pastor took me to the store and we purchased a soft drink and as I began to engage the man in conversation, he quickly told me that he did not believe in God and nothing I said would change his mind.

I said, “Sir I understand and will not bother you more”. I reached out to shake his hand and he automatically took my hand. Now he was a big man and so am I. When I closed my hand over his I asked if I could I pray for him.

He blushed and with a little laugh said “Sure I guess it will be alright”.

But I would not turn his hand a loose and I told him “I am going to ask God to prove Himself to you”. Then I prayed. “Dear God Mr. ________ does not believe you exist, so dear God I am asking you to not let him sleep during this week of revival meetings and prove to him that you are real and Lord if he does not come to the meetings, so be it. But Lord please keep him awake all week. In Jesus Name Amen”.

I did not speak to him any more during the week. If we drove by his store I would wave my hand and smile at him. The final night of services I was greeting folks as they came into the church. Mr.__________ wife and children came in and I inquired as to his health. This is what she replied. ” I just know what is wrong with____________, but he has stayed awake all week. He just cannot sleep.”

I just smiled and asked her to promise to tell him I am still praying for him. I have been told that the man became a Christian later, but I don’t know for sure if he did, at any rate he is dead now.

God’s Holy Spirit draws men to do God’s bidding even when they do not understand and He draws men to the foot of the cross, to the place where they can see their need and the answer to their need. However He does not force people to ask forgiveness of Him, that must be on their free will.

James Avery


How God Proved Himself to a Sinner