His Wife Was Made Completely New!

by | May 21, 2007 | Healing, Miracles

Middle East—Akbed didn’t know what to do next after numerous visits with doctors and witches to make his sick wife well. He heard there was a group of Christians quietly meeting in a Bible League-trained worker’s home. He thought he would go to them for prayer, but knew he would be treated with contempt by his family and neighbours. There were no options left.

His belief about Christians

All his life Akbed believed Christians were evil—that their Bible was flawed and corrupt. He was taught to disdain those who follow this Christian God. Now he had no choice but to visit the man in charge named Danil.

“If you pray she will be healed,” Akbed pleaded. Danil responded, “It is my principle that you need to come to the church meeting in order to receive prayer.”

He risked everything to try and save his wife

Risking his reputation but realizing his wife was more important than what his fellow Muslims thought, he brought her to the church meeting and they received prayer. They also learned of God’s love through the teaching of His Word during the meeting. Their minds had been changed about Jesus and their lives would change as well.

God healed her

Through the prayers of God’s faithful in this small village, Akbed’s wife was healed in body and soul. Akbed says of his wife, “She’s a new creature in Christ; God has changed her into a new woman!”

The need for Bibles in the Middle East is rapidly growing. Please help them with your prayers and provision of Bibles. The Good News of Jesus Christ is spreading throughout the Muslim world and nothing can stop the power of God through prayer and His Word.

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His Wife Was Made Completely New!